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Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Happy Humpday everyone!! 😀

Don’t ask me the reason behind my title, it’s what popped up in Pandora 🙂

Today was my appointment with my Gastro and I made sure to take daddy with me. My parents are pretty old school and don’t know a lot about IBS so I wanted them to learn what I’m going through and that it’s not as uncommon as they think. My mom thought I was this anomaly for a long time (probably still does). The office visit went great, he explained to my dad what was going on with my body and gave me a different probiotic to take. I was on Align and it wasn’t working out. The pain and bloating was more than I could manage and when it started to interrupt my daily activities it soon became problematic. I was given Amitiza which is used to relieve stomach pain, bloating, etc. I’m starting on it today and taking it day by day. I was also given a series of blood work including a CBC and celiac disease testing. He is such a great doctor and my parents feel more relieved knowing the facts.

After reading Katie’s post yesterday on her Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake I knew exactly what to make for breakfast!


My version of a boatmeal 🙂 I followed Katie’s recipe except I used canned pumpkin for the applesauce, added some cinnamon, 1/3 of a nanner, and put my chocolate chips on top not inside. I also topped it with peanuts, apricot jam, and cinnamon raisin pb. Wow, this was amazing! If you haven’t tried this, get to it! Make sure you have 20 minutes to spare in the morning 🙂

Today was a workout day so I was excited to work up a good sweat.

  • Deadlifts: 4 warm up sets with 5 repetitions each, and 1 heavy set with 165 lbs. I did 3 reps. It was heavy :O
  • Arnold Presses: Weight is not increasing 😦  20 lbs in each arm and I’m pretty winded as it is. Maybe for next week I’ll keep the same weight but increase repetitions instead.
  • Cable Crunches and Leg lifts to finish


More spaghetti squash with a chopped Salmon burger and cheese on top 🙂

Today was great because I had another special delivery!! The great people from Chobani sent me this O_O


I love getting goodies in the mail 😉

I’ve only tried the basic flavor fat free Chobani so when I saw what was in the box I was pretty ecstatic .




So many flavors, can’t wait to go through them and give you all my opinion 😀 I don’t even know where to start!

  • What’s your favorite Chobani Flavor?

(I think I’ll love them all ;))


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Chilly Friday

This is what I woke up to

Yesterday it was 85°! What is going on here?! I gotta say the change of weather was pretty pleasing, I honestly felt like we had no winter this year. Unfortunately I woke up to the horror of the natural disaster happening in Japan. My condolences go out to anyone who has family there or is actually experiencing the terrible tsunami taking place. To be left without a home in the blink of an eye must without a doubt be one of the most devastating experiences known to mankind. We must all come together in times like these and push forward with our heads held high.

On a separate note, I debated yesterday whether or not I wanted to work out today, I was feeling pretty sore from Wednesday. Luckily I felt fine today in the morning so I jetted off to the gym.

Overall great workout:

  • Leg presses
  • Push ups
  • Step ups
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Wood Choppers
  • Hypers
  • Leg raises

I am so tired! 😦 But luckily I had a good breakfast to compensate for my workout.

Chocolate Nanner Oats!

My usual oat combo topped with: shortbread cookies, peanuts, chia seeds, chocolate morsels,

cinnamon raisin pb and a new addition…Apricot jam!

Gotta say, loving the jam! Yummm 😀

Today overall has been nice, hanging out with the boyfriend while he’s studying for his medical boards. So weird not having much to do but I hope I don’t start getting use to it! Makes me feel so lazy.

Lunch was awesome as it always is when I’m with him. I never get creative at home.

Spaghetti squash topped with Ragu sauce and cheese!! On the side I have chicken, can’t forget the protein 😉 Love getting my spaghetti fix without all the calories hehe 🙂

I make my squash in the microwave as opposed to the oven because when I’m hungry I want to eat NOW lol I can’t wait an hour for the oven 😦

  • Do you notice any difference cooking it in the oven as opposed to the microwave?

To be honest I thought it came out great so I probably wouldn’t waste my time cooking it in the oven. Just like my lazy girl oats I seriously haven’t noticed the difference between stove top and microwave. I think I’ve mastered the microwave 🙂

And on that note I’ll leave you with a picture of me and my bf on Christmas 🙂

Can’t believe it’s already March! Time flies 😀

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