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Linking Up WIAW Style

Happy Wednesday!!! You know what today is don’t you? It’s not just Wednesday, it’s another WIAW Smile

If you haven’t joined the party yet please link up with the wonderful Jenn over at Peas and Crayons and post your most delectable munchies  

Peas and CrayonsSo let’s get this parted started shall me.

First up is my favorite meal of the day, breakfast of course!

This was inspired by Ashley and adapted by Kath. I followed Kath’s recipe but I baked it like Ashley and used oats instead of buckwheat since I didn’t have any on hand.

I topped it with maple syrup, chocolate chips morsels and cinnamon raisin pb. It was AMAZING.

Yes peeps, happy tummy for sure


Chicken and Quinoa topped with broccoli and ooey gooey melty cheese Smile


This is a staple dish that me and the bf make all the time. Chicken with broccoli tossed with a sriracha peanut butter sauce. After we started making this I was convinced that peanut butter goes with anything

(Notice the chop sticks? Note: I am really really bad with those, forks were used quickly after a few missed attempts)


I experimented with some cereal muffins and will post the recipe soon enough. The final product was tossed with yogurt, bloobs, strawberries, and milk Smile  Mmmm

I had two muffins   Now there’s only 2 left. One will go on top of my overnight oats tomorrow and the other will go to my bf . I’m not a baker so this is kind of a big deal

Well that’s all folks Winking smile

  • Best thing you’ve eaten all week? Make me jealous


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How Far Would You Go?

To lose 5, 10, 50, even 100 pounds of excess fat? Consumers are now turning to the famous HCG diet for their weight loss solution. For those of you who aren’t aware of this very popular diet it consists of pairing an HCG injection with a very restrictive low calorie diet in order to shed weight and shed it fast.

What is HCG?

  • HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced during pregnancy to ensure that the growing fetus receives enough nutrients to grow and develop normally.

How does this relate to fat loss?

  • When HCG is taken, the body is able to tap into it’s stored fat and utilize it.

As if this wasn’t enough, it is paired with a 500 calorie diet so that weight loss becomes 1-2 pounds PER DAY!

Have your attention yet?

Scam or not, thousands of people are believing in this miracle product to help them achieve the body they’ve always desired. While most people eat 500 calories in their  breakfast alone these diet followers consume it in one day’s worth.

I got so much awesome feedback from my Eating For Health post that I knew I couldn’t let this one slide by without addressing it.

As Kate said it best:To me, it’s all about a lifestyle change. Once the injections and restrictive calorie diets are done, what do these people do next?

This diet promises people that they will lose 30 lbs in one month. called this diet a “weight-loss miracle or a dangerous fraud, depending on who’s talking.”

This is not long term weight loss.  Something to always remember is this; the faster you lose weight, the faster you gain it back and vice versa.

What message are you teaching your children by having to inject yourself with a hormone and eat 1/4 the normal amount of calories you’re suppose to in order to be thin. Have we gone to such lengths to be skinny? This isn’t helping people develop a healthy relationship with food, on the contrary it’s pushing people in the realm of an eating disorder.

“Though hCG dieters have some leeway in how they spend their 500 daily calories, they’re urged to choose organic meats, vegetables, and fish. Dairy, carbs, alcohol, and sugar are all off limits. A day’s meals might consist of coffee and an orange for breakfast; a little tilapia and raw asparagus for lunch; a piece of fruit in the afternoon; and crab, spinach, Melba toast, and tea for dinner. If dieters slip up, they’re encouraged to compensate by drinking only water and eating nothing but six apples for 24 hours. That’s thought to help squeeze out water weight, a psychological boost to help them get back on track.”

It isn’t the injection that’s causing the weight loss, it’s the outrageously low diet. The weight loss industries are taking advantage of the ignorance of the average consumer and milking it for it’s every dime. Who knows what insane diet will show up next.

Ok enough with the rant! Now some eats 🙂


Baked Oatmeal

With bananas, bunnies, peanuts, chocolate chips, and almond butter!

Had these babies for my snack 🙂

Eggo Low Fat waffles with DCD pb, and apricot Jam


Chicken with quinoa and veggies

Told you I eat my veggies 😉

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday! Remember to eat right and your body will love you back 😀

Thought I’d throw in a picture of me and the bf for fun 😉


  • What’s the craziest diet you’ve done or someone else that you know has done?

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Kitchen Calamity

Saturday morning wake up call? 6am. Why? Class at 8am. I signed up for a Nutrition class that is only offered at this time and this day. It’s a mini term so luckily there are  only 9 classes. First day wasn’t so eventful, just the usual talk about the syllabus lasting an hour and then basic nutrition concepts. Let me remind you this isn’t the usual one hour class. Because it’s only once a week this class is 3 hours long!! Gasp! Yesss 😮 I don’t know how I’m going to be able to sit through this. I love nutrition but any class for 3 hours is bound to leave me day dreaming.

For breakfast I made some overnight oats the day before and they were delicious!!!

Oats, Fage, chocolate silk milk, whipped banana, topped with Kashi, blueberries, chocolate morsels, shortbread cookies, and cinnamon raisin PB. The overnight oats are really growing on me. I need to buy some chia seeds asap to fluff them up. Apparently they make a big difference in texture by soaking up a lot of the liquid.

Oats are always win anyway you make them 🙂

After class I was uber excited to finally see my boyfriend! He had to work for my birthday so I wasn’t able to see him 😦

My birthday gift was more than perfect. He gave me 5 healthy cooking books!! Haha we’re such nerds 🙂 For Valentines Day I gave him an ice cream recipe book and  scooper for his new ice cream machine. We are totally made for each other 😛

Our lunch was equally fantastic

Quinoa with chicken, broccoli, and Ragu sauce.

Ok so if you were wondering about my blog title, this is what happened.

I was chopping up a green pepper and somehow the knife seemed to slip out from under me and cut my finger above my nail bed 😦

Did it hurt? Yes

Did I cry? Yes

Did it bleed? Like crazy!!!

lol no band-aids were available so my bf improvised. It was a long time before it finally stopped bleeding 😦

I mean seriously out of all days, today…My birthday celebration. How sexy of me going out to a club with a gauze on my finger 😉

Luckily all it takes to cheer me up is some ice cream 😛

Strawberry Froyo in our ice cream maker with some 100 calorie pack oreos and whipped cream! Yummy. Now I feel a little better 😉

Have a fantastic Valentines weekend! Our weather just got wet and cold so no sunny days here. Booo

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Rain rain go away!

Sun where are you?! I have woken up to a sunless sky which is unacceptable for a Friday! I was able to sleep in a bit more this morning since my piano class was canceled so I was not complaining. Breakfast would be oats once again. I am seriously addicted and ever since converting from the microwave to the stove they are just so much tastier. I am a true believer in stove top oats (don’t get me wrong I will use microwave when rushed).

Today was going to be a pretty basic mix but I decided to throw in some cottage cheese because tonight I’m going out with the girls to RA for sushi and I need all the protein I can get.

Bowl of oats

Threw in some peanuts and kashi for crunch. Almond butter is a must for oatmeal and the chocolate is Walden Farms chocolate dip. ZERO calories. Oh how I love their syrups and dips! I’ve found them only once at Publix so your best bet is to order online but they get you with the shipping 😦

Today’s workout was well a workout 😉

Started off with some leg presses, hit my max at 210 woohooo. Step ups were a challenge. It use to be so easy when I started doing them with 5 lb dumbbells but now with 20’s oh man it’ll make you sweat. My new workout routine has me doing push ups to build upper body strength and from the girl who would fall on her face in 10th grade P.E class, I can now do 10 pretty successful. I know most of you can dish out like 20 no problem but my arms are tiny! lol I’m trying 😛

Everything else was pretty routine: lat pulldowns, wood choppers (love these), hyperextensions, and leg lifts.

My Friday workout is my longest and I really don’t like to waste time chatting it up because every minute counts. I think it’s great to make friends at the gym and maybe it’s just me, but does it annoy anyone else when random people start talking to you about nonsense when you just want to concentrate on your lifts? I’m trying to give it all I’ve got and work up a sweet and here is this man blabbing on and on and on. On top of it, I was so hungry! Obviously I can’t say to go away but that’s what my inside voice was saying!!

Finally arriving home soaked like a wet chicken from all the rain I was ready for lunch! Luckily I had leftover quinoa from yesterday so no cooking required.

Spruced up the quinoa with some garlic salt, cumin, and curry. Chopped up a tomato, added some parsley, and some feta cheese. It was scrumptious! Probably should have had some more protein pwo, but I didn’t feel like making anything and needed to be fed quickly!

Can’t wait for some yummy sushi tonight 😀

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Peanut butter jelly time

After thinking last night about what kind of oats I wanted for breakfast, my boyfriend hinted pb&j oats and I was loving the idea. Yum!

We bought these the other day at Publix so I was pretty excited  to try them out. They are definitely recommended 😉








The star of the show:


PB & J Oats

Oh man one of my best oatmeal dishes to date. Nothing out of the ordinary but it was just creamy and amazing.

Pretty busy day overall between going to job interviews and what not. Went well, so fingers crossed. Definitely good to get a job before I start classes. Must save up!! 😀

Cardio wore me out today. I was debating whether or not going but I feel lazy if I don’t. 30 minutes isn’t a big deal.

Lol ok I didn’t do the treadmill but the elliptical equally worked up a sweat.

I hardly ever, ok I just don’t run anymore. Not gonna kid myself. I even bought the couch to 5k app on my iphone and that pretty much went to waste. After week 4 I said f it lol I’m just not a runner. I have no idea what a runner’s high is because I only feel  runner’s pain. It’s not even a good leg pain, for some reason my trapezius muscle [gotta throw in a little anatomy pic since I’m a Biology major] starts to give me this shooting intense pain that I can’t seem to shake off. 

Either way I was ready to grub on some food when I got home.

Lunch was another yummy success

Quinoa and Tuna

Dinner on the other hand was complete fail!!! 😦 Grrr my plan was to have crusted Tilapia with a side of Zucchini. Ok well the breadcrumbs were burnt on the outside and the fish was pretty raw on the inside. Ugh disgusting. I just threw everything out and had a bowl of Kashi with yogurt, milk, and strawberries. Cereal always saves the day, I’m such a junkie 🙂

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