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Life As A PA Student

Happy Friday friends!

I have been going crazy with school and it’s only week 3!! I’ve already had 4 exams and the weeks keep getting more and more overwhelming.

There have been moments when I’m just a whiner and want to quit altogether but I need to just pull myself together and suck it up for the next 28 months. I definitely took my 8 months of vacation for granted.

So what have I been up to lately?

A lot of this:

Some of this:

And everything in between.

What have I been eating?

Oatmeal for breakki

  Chocolate, banana oats with granola and peanut butter

Lots of sammies for lunch, granola bars for snacks, and chicken with canned veggies for dinner.  I have replaced my water supply with some good old coffee [kidding!] Well sorta…

And I have some news that I have yet to share with you all….My boyfriend got a new kitty!!! We named him Macintosh because well I’m an Apple girl now Winking smile

Aww isn’t he adorable?! I love playing with him.

My little baby!!

As for my workouts, I’m still doing my weight training 3x a week with cardio about twice a week. I am really enjoying New Rules of Lifting For Women. I feel a lot stronger than I did when I just started the program. I’m midway through phase 1 so it’ll be fun to switch it up later with phase 2. School does put some strain on me in regards to working out and cutting into my study time, but I think it’s important to have some sort of balance and fuel my body in order to work the mind.

Do you have any pets?  Mac is such a little creeper, it cracks me up


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White Coat Ceremony

Hello loves!

I’ve missed you all but school has really drained all my energy. I was in school today from 9am to 9pm and it’s only day 2. So far I’m enjoying the material even though they can be intimidating but I love all the new friends I’m making. Pharmacology is definitely one of my favorite classes while anatomy just left me mind boggled today.

This was a picture of me last Friday at my white coat ceremony

I have a jacket so it’s official Winking smile

As for my workouts, I’m still able to get my weight training in after school. I really dislike going to the gym at 6pm but I don’t have a choice. I switched up my workout and I’m following the plan from my new awesome book…

I love this book! It alternates between A and B workout for 6 weeks. I’m doing phase 1 and although I’m only 2 weeks out I can tell that it’s going to be effective. I love changing my routine after a few months. It’s also a great read for those just starting to get into lifting as well as those who are intense gym rats. There’s also a diet plan which is amazeballs because it tells you not to cut and eat so much! Smile

  • Anything new to tell?? I’m so out of it =(

08/30/2011 at 10:56 pm 42 comments

10 Exercise Myths

Happy Saturday loves!!! Sorry I’ve been away but I’m back. Hope you didn’t miss me too much Winking smile

I came across this article that was tweeted and figured it would be good to talk about.

CNN.COM has composed a list of exercise myths that have come apparent due to people wanting to maximize their results at the gym while minimizing the amount of time spent.

10) Your cardio machine is counting the calories you’re burning.

It isn’t accurate and doesn’t mean squat. Since it doesn’t ask for your body composition, the numbers the machine spits out should not be accounted for.

9) Women shouldn’t lift weights because it’ll make them bulky.

I’ve already said this once before but women don’t turn into bodybuilders over night. It takes a lot of muscle overload to bulk up. Since women have large amounts of estrogen they won’t build muscle as fast as men do. Strength training helps decrease body fat and keeps you lean, so lift girls lift!

8 ) Heart rate monitors will let you know how hard you’re working.

Your own body is the only test of how hard you are working. Know your body’s signals and use that as your point of reference.

7) Your weight is the end all, be all.

Health isn’t determined by your weight, there are many other factors involved in a healthy lifestyle. Don’t only rely on the number your scale spits out, but on other numbers such as cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

6) Low-intensity exercise burns more fat.

Low intensity cardio is good to relieve stress on the joints, but the more intensely you exercise the more carbs you burn. When all carbs are used up, then your body will start to burn fat.

5) Chug a protein shake after workout.

Although a protein shake is good for emergencies it is the lowest quality of food. Eat real foods that are not so processed.

4) You can spot reduce for tight abs or toned arms.

You need to get rid of the fat before you can see the muscle, so train your entire body not just one area.

3) As long as I go to the gym 30-45 minutes, that gives me a pass to do what I want for rest of the day.

You can’t believe how many times I’ve heard the reasoning behind a work out. “If I run on the treadmill I can eat a cheeseburger with a milkshake, after all they cancel each other out right?”  You need a good diet to get the most out of your workouts.

2) No pain, no gain.

Discomfort during a workout is acceptable, pain is not. If you ever feel intense pain you should immediately stop whatever is it that you’re doing. This makes you more at risk for an injury or wearing the muscles out.

1) Stretching will help prevent injuries.

There is a difference between stretching and warming up. You should warm up to help loosen the muscle but stretching can be counterproductive.

“A study published this month in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that static stretches that last longer than a minute could be detrimental to performance.”

Well there you have it!! Hope you are all having a great weekend as I enjoy this great breakfast Winking smile

Chocolate banana oats topped with granola and cinnamon raisin peanut butter. Nom!!!

Did you use to believe any of these exercise myths?

06/25/2011 at 12:17 pm 68 comments

Friday Favorites

Woot woot it’s the weekend friends, time to whip out the happy hour cocktails Winking smile

What am I loving this week?

1) Zumba!!

Great way to get in that cardio workout while having fun.

2) Target socks

Love these and they were super cheap. I like all the fun and funky colors Smile

3) Overnight Oats

Nothing like a good old fashion banana chocolate combo. Yum!

4) Essie Angora Cardi

Great cute color for Summer. I’m all about the purples and pinks right now

5) Michael Kors Lady’s Watches MK5235



I don’t have this beauty yet, but I want it!

Tell  me, what are you loving this week?

06/17/2011 at 5:24 pm 62 comments

Weekend Recap

Hi there!! Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did, although I would have been happier had the Miami Heat actually won last night Oh well can’t win them all…

Friday night I went out with my girlfriends to watch is was funny but definitely not as good as part 1. I thought they were trying too hard to make it like the original.

After the movie, me and the girls went to our usual hangout spot (Denny’s!!!) to have some late night munching. There’s a pretty good chance on any given Friday or Saturday night that you’ll find me at Denny’s after midnight. Usually polishing off one of these…

When I say I can finish off an entire Oreo sundae, I mean it people Winking smile

Saturday morning I was up early at 8am to hit up Zumba and get my dance on. I love when exercising doesn’t feel like working out. It was a lot of fun but I was ready for breakfast when I got home.

I had some cereal Surprised smile Don’t get me wrong, I love my oats but it’s just way too hot!! And to be honest I’ve gotten lazy in making them lol

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios with sliced strawberries, yogurt, cottage cheese, 1/2 nanner somewhere in there and topped with milk New obsession? You betcha!

Saturday night I went bowling with my friends and my skills were lacking to say the least. A lot of gutter balls and failed attempts. Still fun to get out of the house and do something different.

Well there you have it peeps! My weekend recap Smile

Have you seen The Hangover 2? Love it/hate it? Sequels are hardly ever better than the original

06/13/2011 at 11:45 am 52 comments

Rest Up

Good Morning lovies!! Hope you had a great weekend, mine was definitely relaxing. I saw Bridesmaids with the girls on Friday.


I thought it was hilarious, but then again I’m into the raunchy comedies.

The next morning I decided on Averie’s Banana Blueberry Oat cake.

Delicious down to the last bite and topped with peanuts, granola, apricot jam and cinnamon raisin peanut butter.

Yesterday I woke up with major pain in my legs. I don’t mean moderate soreness, I mean barely able to walk. Not fun. On top of it, the elevators in my boyfriend’s building shut off because someone set off the smoke alarm so we had to climb 16 flights of stairs. Again, not fun. I was beginning to question Monday’s workout because I deadlift.

Fast forward to today and still in pain. Not as bad as yesterday but still bad enough to stop me from doing deadlifts.

Not a happy camper, deadlifts are one of my favorite exercises but my boyfriend told me to take the day off and just do my back workout. This is why I do my leg workout Friday but I was busy all day so Saturday I pushed it to the limit with leg presses, leg extensions, and air squats. The air squats put me over the top.

So the question is when does exercising become too much?

During rest, we allow our muscles to repair, rebuild, and strengthen. Overexercising leads to burnout and over training which is the inability of a person’s muscles to properly repair themselves.  Athletic performance suffers and injuries arise. Remember, your muscles grow and fat is burned while you’re resting.  Working out too intensely or too frequently disrupts your recovery process.

When you do cardio, the muscle continually uses up it’s store of glycogen, your body’s storage form of carbohydrates. Taking a day off allows your muscles to restock that depleted glycogen.

Taking a rest day also reduces fatigue, muscle soreness and burn out, common symptoms that occur soon after people begin a weight loss program with the “all or nothing mindset”. Burnout reduces the amount of intensity exerted during physical activity, therefore reducing the amount of calories burned and hindering weight loss.

Exercisers who take a rest day have been shown to be more effective in their weight loss efforts through regular training. Studies have not been conclusive as to exactly why- but one may assume it must do at least somewhat with reduced stress and pressure to perform on a consistent basis.  Source

Never feel guilty from taking 2 days off from the gym, your body needs it and in the long run you’ll be doing more good than bad. By resting, you can maximize your training throughout the week. Take is as a day to refresh the body and mind.

Go from this


To this


  • Do you take rest days? I aim for 2 rest days a week for maximum recovery Smile 

05/16/2011 at 11:48 am 97 comments

Friday Favorites

Hope you all had a fabulous Cinco de Mayo and celebrated with a margarita in hand like me Winking smile


I’m not gonna lie my margarita didn’t exactly look like this. It was in a plastic cup, but oh well, it was still awesome hanging out with the girls at On The Border. The wait was a bit longer than expected….Two hours turned into three, and by 9:30pm we decided to eat somewhere else. It was ridiculous and I was starving.

Either way it was nice to see my friends and spend time with them.

So on to my Friday Favorites! Smile

1. Homemade cookies!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m not a baker. I’ve never baked anything. These were the first cookies I’ve made. Click here for the recipe.

They came out to around 120 calories a cookie, not too shabby I think.Only 3 left

2. LMFAO’s new song Party Rock Anthem,5,0,0

Perfect song to get low

3. My new Express romper!

I don’t usually order clothes online since it might not fit me but this one fits like a glove Smile 

4. Assisted Pull Ups

Just until I can do real ones!! I really feel my upper body giving it all it’s got.

5. My baking experiment…Cereal muffins…

They aren’t perfected yet. It needs to be tweaked a bit, but I’m getting there Smile
I’m not a simple girl, I need to combine things

Hope your day isn’t as gloomy as mine, Miami is a raining mess today!

  • What did you do Cinco de Mayo?

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