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Party Time Wedding!

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone had a fun weekend with friends and family. I know I did! Let me just say that A LOT of food was consumed in these past 3 days… My stomach is still trying to recuperate¬†¬†Surprised smile

Saturday night was my cousin’s wedding and I was prepared to have a fabulous time.

Frankie and I [Dressed to kill Winking smile]

The gorgeous bride

I couldn’t just not take pictures of all the fabulous munchies right? I owe it to my readers!

First course: Lettuce with strawberries and grapes wrapped in a cucumber

Encrusted chicken over gravy served with white rice, asparagus, and carrots

Nomi cake for dessert!

Now if you think the eating ended there you are very wrong… After the wedding the boy and I went to Denny’s for some late night munching. He had a bacon cheeseburger with seasoned fries (which I stole) and I had an Oreo sundae…What else?! There’s my weekend for you all Smile

  • Did you do anything fun this weekend?!


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Many Thanks & Weekend Fun

It’s official, I have the best blogging friends in the world and I wanted to tell you all…

I received so much support from you all in my last post that it was just overwhelming. You’re the best Smile

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did. It was my boyfriends sister’s baby shower on Saturday and my mom’s birthday yesterday. Lots of food was consumed…(Good thing I’m trying to gain a little body fat Winking smile)

On the way Smile

The mommy to be!!

The table of yums Winking smile

Pigs in a blanket (Amazing!!)

Turkey wraps

The basket of games. We played feed the baby, baby word scramble, baby word search, balloon race, count the jelly beans, decorate a bib, bottle drink race, mommy to be tummy tape.

It was a cake by Lucila which if you guys didn’t know are the best cakes in Miami

Definitely a fun day, we all had a great time and the mommy to be left with very many gifts.My lovely boyfriend makes it his personal job to photo bomb every pic…

(I must give a shoutout to the amazing Miami Heat for kicking some Bulls butt last night!! I’m not into sports but the playoffs get me excited lol

  • Are you into sports? Or only in the playoff season?¬† Winking smile

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