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Love Is In The Air


Hope everyone is spreading the love to friends, family, and any special significant other in your life. I for one, am very grateful to spend my V-Day with the only man my heart has ever skipped a beat for. I never believed in a soul mate until I found him. Funny thing is, we were co workers who only exchanged quick conversations and never made it anything more. Fast forward one year later and I’m his girlfriend, one more year and we are a happy couple that celebrated our 1 year anniversary on New Years Day. He is the person that has supported me in all my crazy decisions and has taught me about nutrition, training, and seeing life with an open mind. So to him I say Happy Valentines Day and I love you with all of my heart 🙂

Our 1 year anniversary at my house


Holiday Christmas Party

This silly boy took my breath away 😉

Ok now on to the eats! (And sorry for lack of chocolates, cakes, pies, pancakes, and/or other naughties)

Cottage cheese, yogurt, bloobs, Kashi berry Crisp, Cinnamon Oat Crunch, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB, Emerald Cocoa Almonds, and a drizzle of WF caramel syrup. What a great bowl of yum 😀

Today was a workout day and I was extra excited because my bf came with me and helped me bench press. It’s so hard finding a spotter because I hate asking random people. I went down in weight and did 55 lbs but instead of my usual 5 reps, I did 8. It really felt better doing it this way, my little arms were burning. Lunges and leg presses are always a killer but the interesting part of my workout were my pull ups. I can’t really do them on my own although I keep trying so my bf grabbed my legs and I tried to do 3 sets of 5. Very different then what I normally do but I felt a whole new set of muscles being worked. I loved it 🙂

PWO V-Day was extra exciting since it was my idea. Today called for an indoor bbq! Grilled up some chicken skewers on our indoor grill.

It was incredibly delicious. Chicken skewers with a sauce that consisted of peanut butter, sesame seeds, soy sauce, sriracha, and Franks hot sauce . This sauce was so good that even after I ate my chicken I still wanted to lick the pb from the cup :O

Today was a very relaxing day, nothing out of the ordinary. No reason to go out to a big fancy restaurant when you can make something just as delicious at home. Plus it’s more romantic with candles lit 😉

Dinner was another production….Home made sushi!!! ❤

We have a sushi kit from Amazon and although our skills were majorly lacking the first time we made sushi, today’s were extraordinarily good. My boyfriend really has become a sushi master 😉

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day : )


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