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Seasons? Nope, Not Here

So it’s official we have no winter. It is a warm, hot 80° outside.

I’m not complaining seeing as most of you are having crazy winter storms but still I like it when it’s a bit chilly. It’s fun whipping out the boots and scarves even when it’s just in the 60’s 😉 But this weather puts me in a good mood to be productive and wear shorts! Oh how I’ve missed you.

So for breakfast I had a nice warm bowl of oats

My first time using chocolate soy milk and it was really amazing.

In the mix was  30g of oats, 1/2 banana, 1/3 cup milk, 3/4 cup water, 5g flax, 1T cocoa powder, walnuts, sugar free vanilla wafers, chocolate graham cracker, sugar free syrup, and a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter. Yes a lot of chocolate and yes it was delicious. I was really stuffed and had to wait a good couple of hours to go to the gym 😦

My workout today was great! I love Wednesday workouts because they are short and I get to deadlift 🙂 I maxed out today at 145 lbs, highest I’ve gone and I was ecstatic to get my 4 reps with good form. I’ve switched over to arnold presses so I did 3 sets of 5 reps with 20 lb dumbbells in each hand. Oh my, I felt the burn. Finished off with some leg raises and new ab exercise, kneeling cable crunch. My boyfriend introduced these to me today and I love them. It’s fun to switch up your workout every few months, keeps you motivated once you’ve started to max out on an exercise.

PWO was delicious. Left over chili from yesterday in a tortilla with cheese inside and salsa outside

The muscles are coming in 😉

I was pretty disappointed that there was no new Modern Family tonight. It’s become one of my newest guilty pleasures.

Anything exciting you guys watch on Wednesdays?


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Yay For February!

Omg time flies! I cannot believe that we are beginning a new month. It’s pretty exciting and scary at the same time. I love February but I’m biased since it’s the month of my birthday 🙂

Nothing starts the day off like a good bowl of oats. These were some eats from yesterday since I hadn’t blogged anything.

My first time using a vitatop in my oats and omg it was amazing! So much chocolate power I thought I was eating a brownie. Yum! Chopped up some banana into the mix, and some kashi. Almond Butter topped it off and it was win.

As for lunch I have never actually made chili by myself. I’ve made it with my boyfriend but nothing that I alone have done so I figured why not, let’s do it. I had some beans in the cupboard so it was time.

Something I gotta keep playing around with but I thought it tasted pretty good. It was a mixture of black beans, chili beans, and pinto beans. I love having a banana with chili but I already had one for breakfast so I had some toast 😛

I went to Nutrition S’mart and literally felt like a kid at Disney world. So many things I had never seen before! It’s funny how interests change when you get older and develop a healthy passion for food.

Does anyone else get excited grocery shopping and seeing new nut butters or what not?

I bought some bagels yesterday at Publix that were 110 calories and felt as if I won the lotto 😛

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