One Year Down!!

First year of PA school is officially over!

“I’m glad I did it, partly because it was worth it, but mostly because I shall never have to do it again” And this is exactly how i feel.

It was a rough year but I made it sane alive. Now it’s 3 weeks of orientation and on to clinical year to start seeing some real patients. The thought makes me excited but extremely nauseous and overwhelmed.

So far I’m just enjoying what’s left of my vacation which is about 2 days since I start back up on Monday womp womp

At least my vacation was a nice one. I went to Key West with the boyfriend and met up with some friends  for drinks and noms.


The fabulous view from the hotel pool, Belgium waffle from Doc’s Diner, and a delicious slushy from Fat Tuesday’s


Fried conch, rum runner, The Champ, and us having a great time


Conch Fritters. Yumm


Sad to come back to reality especially knowing how far away my next break is but it’ll all be over soon Smile

**Where was your last vacation?

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Mini Vacation

Finally taking a little breather after countless weeks of nonstop studying in my cave room and a few mini mental breakdowns along the way. Needless to say, I survived my second semester in one piece and there’s only one more semester keeping me from interacting with real patients in the REAL world. No amount of book reading can ever prepare you for what you’ll see in the hospitals and clinics, so to say I’m a teensy bit nervous is to be putting it  mildy. I’m already having slight panic attacks from time to time. Skype Sweaty Emoticon

Unfortunately there’s only one week of vacation before starting Summer semester which is shorter (yay) but that also means more work, exams, and less of a life. So far I’ve learned how to intubate a patient model, take out blood, suture, do a pap smear, and perform a prostate exam. The last two were on real professional patients, trust me it’s not as bad as it sounds lol

Ok so enough with school and on to the eats! 

My delish waffle breakki with chopped nanners drizzled with syrup 

These are some other eats from the past few months

Can never get enough sushi

Margarita heaven!!

 Beautiful sunset watching with the boyfriend

And of course another drink or should I say bucket Winking smile

And my night topper…

Snickers ice cream with a vanilla cookie half eaten cookie Smile

So how was everyone’s Cinco de Mayo? I went to Cancun Grill and danced my butt off with my friends 

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What a Long Break

Worst blogger award goes to me  Since my last post, school has completely taken over my life and I really have had no time to do anything else. Luckily Spring Break starts on Monday so my brain is already on relaxation and fun mode. Other than school I really have not been up to much. Studying, doing physicals, and taking histories have been my life but I knew what I was signing up for Winking smile

Today we had kids to play with and do physicals on. They are definitely a handful!! I’m just trying to take everything in day by day and not get so completely overwhelmed even though it’s definitely easier said than done.

Breakfast for today!

Oats mixed in with almond butter, yogurt, 1/2 banana, Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with Strawberries and almond milk! The swirly thing on top is sugar free maple syrup 

These are some recent pictures from my birthday which was a few weeks ago.

The big 2-3! Smile

 Frankie and Me 
And of course we have the noms
Dragon Roll!! It was AMAZING

One can never get enough sushi Winking smile

My wonderful friends from PA school made me monkey bread cupcakes!!!

It was definitely more delicious than any cake I could have eaten. My friends know me too well

Well that’s pretty much it! I’ll be sure to post here and then since I have plenty of free time now. Smile

  • When is your spring break?! What are you planning on doing?   Sun and rest are definitely involved in mine!!

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Halloween Fun

Hi friends!

I’m back for a few updates and some fun Halloween pictures. I have been incredibly busy this entire month with 3 exams every week. It’s seriously exhausting! I had a Pharmacology final today and I aced it!

Happy dance Friday

Hope everyone had a fun filled Halloween weekend. For me it was raining up a storm outside but I still managed to get my butt outdoors and party. It was the first time in a long time I was able to get away from the books and I was not missing it!

I was a bunny and Frankie was a zombie  Smile

Overall it was a super fun night and I was glad to get away for a bit.

How was your Halloween? 

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A Quick Hello And WIAW

So I am officially the worst blogger ever, and I am soooo sorry!! My life has been consumed by pharmacology, physiology, and anatomy. I did not know I would be signing my life away when I got into PA school. Even weekends are made for studying.

If there’s one thing I really missed was all the WIAW fun. I needed to do one for old time’s sake

Peas and Crayons

Link up with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons and post all your yummy treats!

First I’ll start with my favorite meal of the day [BREAKFAST!]

I know it looks odd, but bear with me here… It is chocolate oats covered with protein frosting. Every time  I saw it on Katie’s blog I wanted to try it! It is delicious and a great way to get in protein while still having oats. I previously tried mixing the protein powder into the oats but I didn’t like the taste.


I think it speaks for itself  Surprised smile Delicious down to the last bite!

And for dinner, my favorite!


There’s just something magical about sushi, I could probably eat it everyday if I had the chance 

And I have to throw in a pic of Mac because he is just way too cute!

What a creeper cat…..

Hope everyone has been having a great day, I miss you all!! Gotta get back to studying Smile

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Life As A PA Student

Happy Friday friends!

I have been going crazy with school and it’s only week 3!! I’ve already had 4 exams and the weeks keep getting more and more overwhelming.

There have been moments when I’m just a whiner and want to quit altogether but I need to just pull myself together and suck it up for the next 28 months. I definitely took my 8 months of vacation for granted.

So what have I been up to lately?

A lot of this:

Some of this:

And everything in between.

What have I been eating?

Oatmeal for breakki

  Chocolate, banana oats with granola and peanut butter

Lots of sammies for lunch, granola bars for snacks, and chicken with canned veggies for dinner.  I have replaced my water supply with some good old coffee [kidding!] Well sorta…

And I have some news that I have yet to share with you all….My boyfriend got a new kitty!!! We named him Macintosh because well I’m an Apple girl now Winking smile

Aww isn’t he adorable?! I love playing with him.

My little baby!!

As for my workouts, I’m still doing my weight training 3x a week with cardio about twice a week. I am really enjoying New Rules of Lifting For Women. I feel a lot stronger than I did when I just started the program. I’m midway through phase 1 so it’ll be fun to switch it up later with phase 2. School does put some strain on me in regards to working out and cutting into my study time, but I think it’s important to have some sort of balance and fuel my body in order to work the mind.

Do you have any pets?  Mac is such a little creeper, it cracks me up

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White Coat Ceremony

Hello loves!

I’ve missed you all but school has really drained all my energy. I was in school today from 9am to 9pm and it’s only day 2. So far I’m enjoying the material even though they can be intimidating but I love all the new friends I’m making. Pharmacology is definitely one of my favorite classes while anatomy just left me mind boggled today.

This was a picture of me last Friday at my white coat ceremony

I have a jacket so it’s official Winking smile

As for my workouts, I’m still able to get my weight training in after school. I really dislike going to the gym at 6pm but I don’t have a choice. I switched up my workout and I’m following the plan from my new awesome book…

I love this book! It alternates between A and B workout for 6 weeks. I’m doing phase 1 and although I’m only 2 weeks out I can tell that it’s going to be effective. I love changing my routine after a few months. It’s also a great read for those just starting to get into lifting as well as those who are intense gym rats. There’s also a diet plan which is amazeballs because it tells you not to cut and eat so much! Smile

  • Anything new to tell?? I’m so out of it =(

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